Curriculum Vitae

2004-2006 EKA, Estonian Academy of Arts, major in painting
2003-2004 EKA College Academia Grata
2002-2003 Jana Trink studio
Tartu 7th Secondary School

Personal exhibitions:
2011 “Dancer” in Pärnu House of Artists Gallery
2010 “Illusion” in PERH Hospital Gallery
2008 “Facade“ in Pärnu House of Artists Gallery
2009 “Retrospective” in Valga Cultural Center

Group exhibitions:
2011 “All images have illustrative significance” Port Artur 2
2010 “ Choice” Võru City Gallery
2010 “ Dual-senseless” Rapla County Center of Modern Arts
2010 Koolkond in Metro Auto
2009 “Under the Flags” Pärnu Art Hall
2009 “Image Room” Pärnu Hospital Gallery
2008 Elvisto/Rüütli Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
2008 MOCA: Museum of Computer Arts; International Digital Art Show, Brooklyn, New York
2008 „brick&mortar“ Gallery, Brooklyn, New York City
2008 „South-West Estonia School“ Pärnu City Gallery
2008 „Man & Woman“ Museum of New Arts, Viljandi
2008 „Mechanisms vol. 2“ Museum of New Arts, Pärnu
2008 „Mechanisms“ Haapsalu City Gallery
2007 „Back to the Neverland“ Draakon Gallery
2007 Festival „Digital Fringe“; Melbourne, Austraalia
2007 „Pärnu Art in XXI Century“ Pärnu Old Mud Sanatorium
2007 „Man & Woman“ Museum of New Arts, Viljandi
2007 „Nothing against something“ EKA Gallery, Tallinn
2007 „Fairy-Me“ Rapla Central Library
2006 „Mutiny of Generations“ Red Tower Gallery, Pärnu
2006 2006 Estonian Young Artist Prize nominees exhibition Artdepoo Gallery, Tallinn.
2006 „M She Wrote“ Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
2006 „Open Your Eyes“ EKA Gallery, Tallinn
2005 „Excursion“ Viljandi City Gallery
2005 „Carnation” EKA Gallery, Tallinn
2005 „About Love, Only” Lihula Mansion Gallery
2005 „Simply Maria“ Mustamäe Cultural Center , Tallinn
2004 „Arte Povera thru Centuries“ Chaplini Center, Pärnu
2003 Art Studio yearly exhibition Pärnus

2005 Landart Symposium in Kütiorg, Estonia
2004 10. International Pärnu Video- ja Film Festival
2004 „In-Graafika“ conference „Graphics Today“

Donnie 2008 competition honorary mentioning (MOCA: Museum of Computer Art, New York)

Katrin Rüütli

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    By letting go who I'm trying to be I'm becoming the one I can be. Abandoning that I have I will know what I really need. When I feel myself empty and destroyed I will start to develop. By letting go I will endure.